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11 February 2007 @ 12:20 pm
hello, i miss you quite terribly  
wow, i haven't blogged in like 39 thousand years.
first things first, Thousand Pines was amazing. We got criticized for being "ghetto-asian california elitists", drank coffee till we died, and of course, had our little "mud mishap" ok, i' m so done being super corny now. It didn't snow at camp, but it was still cold, and quite enjoyable. =] We played football, soccer, and evertything else that was free, and it was an all around good 'ol time.

huh, i guess i forgive etienne for telling me that STEVE HOLT! is GOB's son. geezum, spoiler alert, much? 

anyways, so i'm sorta delirious right now, because (of course) i hung out with the Ren's last night, so, (of course) we stayed up late and had to get up "early" for "church".
don't ask why i airquoted those.

gahhh :
jim: mintdwight?
dwight: mindawar.....yes.

hahah that was amazing. i ruff them. wow, short short entry. please throw things at me later. i'm not into it.
it's raining.
Feeling...: groggygroggy